About Me

I've been running most of my life. I never got into "crazy" running until 2010. I found a 100-mile race (Rocky Raccoon) and fell in love. I never looked back and have even gotten "crazier."

My favorite distance is 100 miles (until longer races start coming out). I love that distance because it presents a mental challenge in every race. I don't like pushing myself like I'm some superhuman runner, and 100-milers have the perfect pace for that. The mental challenge usually comes around miles 60-80. 'Why did I sign up for this race?' Though I am not the fastest at shorter distances (or 100-milers for that matter), I know I can easily complete races that are shorter. 100 miles really makes me dig deep within to find the will to keep going even though I so want to stop.

2-mile Jingle Bell Jog
I've been a volunteer firefighter for my city since 2011. A few months after I joined, a nearby elementary school had a two-mile jingle bell jog. They asked the fire department to be a part of it (they wanted sirens along the race route and the truck for the kids to climb around). At the last second, I decided that I wanted to run the race with my gear on. I put all my gear on as if I was entering a burning house and ran the race with the kids. At the halfway point, I needed my air bottle switched for a full one. Near the end of the race, I'm always utterly exhausted and wonder why I decided to do this. But it's always something I look forward to and enjoy doing.

Bandera, TX- Cactus Rose 100
Needville, TX- Brazos Bend 100

Challis, ID-River of No Return 100k

Dallas, TX- Big Cedar 100

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