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Famous for shoes that have your heel at the same height as your toes (zero drop). They took about a year for me to get used to them and I had to go back and forth because my right Achilles tendon kept hurting. But now I love these shoes. I wear them exclusively and they feel great.


Nathan  <-- link to website

I used to run without water. I ran from aid station to aid station (approx. 5 miles) and would just guzzle water before setting off again. This worked just fine for me until I started increasing my number of races. Now I don't know how I survived without having a constant water source attached to me. They have great handhelds (I'm looking forward to trying out the Exoshot collapsible handheld), waist packs, and hydration packs (I love my VaporCloud with its front pockets and side pockets). But don't think they're just about hydration. They are also in the visibility department. I love the Zephyr Fire 300 with its downward angle and I'm about to try out the Halo Fire and Nebula Fire headlamps that have an auto-strobe function to better allow oncoming cars to see you.

Tailwind  <-- link to website

They're a small company, so unless you're into extreme sports such as ultra running, you've probably never heard of them. They have mastered the powdered drink combining water, electrolytes, and fuel that doesn't mess up your stomach for when you're on the run literally all day long. There is a variety of flavors including a caffeinated fuel mix. I've used Tailwind during my last two ultras and have loved it. A friend used it exclusively for 100 miles. That's all he had while on the trails!

Victory Sportdesign  <-- link to website
 A master bag for any occasion. Runners will use them for drop bags. Moms will use them as medicine bags. I've used it as a between the seats bag to organize the plethora of gadgets on our yearly cross-country driving trip to visit family. Basically it's a bag with lots of pockets, a divider, some clear pockets, some removable pockets, and did I mention pockets? Get one and you will find a use for it, even if you don't run.

Trail Toes  <-- link to website
Image result for trail toesMaybe you've seen some crazy guy running while pulling a tire? Maybe you've got some crazy chaffing and would like to be able to finish your race. Trail Toes can do that for you. I love their blue tape. I use it for every race as a pre-chaffing ritual. But even if you've already started chaffing, stick it over the naughty area and presto--you've got new skin and can keep going like nothing ever happened.

Drymax Socks  <-- link to website
Related imageI'm new to using Drymax socks, but I like what I've seen so far. I haven't had any issues with blisters and the socks are very comfortable (even for 100 miles). Plus, many big-name ultra runners swear by them.

AfterShokz  <-- link to website
Related imageTrail running requires you to be able to hear others that are behind you. Running on the streets requires you to hear cars that are close by. Why would you put yourself at risk? All headphones fit into your ears and block out all these necessary noises. These headphones are different. They rest in front of your ears and conduct sound through your cheekbones. It may sound weird, but it works and I love them.

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